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Love and the Olympics: 3 Tear-Jerker Videos

Since the Olympics have officially kicked off, we wanted to share some love from the games. These are some heart warming videos from within the cold competition that drives these athletes to be better.  Here at Branches Catering, we enjoy hearing about love. We don’t discriminate if it’s love at first site, or love at first pole-vault.


Talk about igniting a flame! Check out these videos of three Olympic couples broadcasting their love (and proposals) to the world.

David State proposed to his girlfriend, Christine Langham, while running in the London 2012 Olympic torch relay. Langham was expecting to just watch him run by with the rest of the crowd, but instead he stopped, pulled out a ring — and then continued his journey with the torch!

Even though it’s not a proposal, this video from 2010 Winter Olympics gets us going. Two key moments to watch for: the sheer joy in Marianne St-Gelais’ face when her longtime boyfriend Charles Hameline wins gold for the men’s 500 meter short track speed skating; and when he jumps up and kisses her. Get your tissues ready!

If you’ve ever wondered whether those gorgeous ice skating couples are really just platonic teammates…

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